FAYETTEVILLE — Sam Pittman is using the bye week to try and get all his players healthy except for the ones who have been ruled out for the season or in case of Taurean Carter who may be ready to play later in year.

Safety Jalen Catalon and cornerback LaDarrius Bishop have been ruled out for the season several weeks now. But once cornerback Malik Chavis went down in the BYU game the Hogs were missing six defensive backs. It is that group and others Pittman is hoping to get healthy. Thus the practices aren’t physical ones and isn’t what he normally does during a bye week.

“Normal, to me, would be walk 1 or 2, then you go Monday, Tuesday,” Pittman said. “If you decide to walk one, then you go a Monday practice, a Tuesday practice. Then, at some point, you’re trying to scrimmage your younger guys and things of that nature, which we did a year ago.

“I just — we won’t have enough — we’ve had some fingers, hands, different things, concussions, things of that nature, where going into this bye week, if we did that, I’d be really concerned about not only our 1s and our 2s, but our scout team getting us prepared for the rest of the year.”

Pittman has some younger players he has moved onto the varsity such as Sam Mbake and Quincey McAdoo who are true freshmen wide receivers now playing defensive back. They could use the scrimmage work.

“I hate it for the kids, because there’s some guys like (James) Jointer, Landon Rogers, guys like that, certainly a lot of them,” Pittman said. “McAdoo, Mbake, other guys, Nico (Davillier), that need tackle football. But we also need, those guys are all, three of them are all in our 2-deep, and the other guys are very valuable for the scout team, as well.

“So we did not decide to do that, but normally you would probably do a walk and a scrimmage with young ones, then a Monday practice, probably spiders, and then a Tuesday practice, probably in shells. But we elected not to do that last year, too. Seemed to work, so we kind of wanted to go back. The only difference was we were on a four-game run, regular season, where now we’re in five. So I did caution a little bit more. One, because of the health of the team, but two, because we had an extra game. And that extra game also includes a Friday game. So, I’d like it to look like it did a little bit more last year than I do now, but I think we’ve kind of been cornered, or whatever the word is, into what we’re doing now.”

Pittman was asked to compare a walk-through to a regular practice. He also talked about what he expects the team to get accomplished with a walk-through.

“Well, the physicality would happen, certainly, in a regular practice,” Pittman said. “A walk-through, we basically go through five segments and they’re situational football, whether it be — we’re doing short-yardage and goal line today, against what we feel like auburn’s looks would be. We’re doing third down and some different things of that nature. So it’s all situational, team run, things of that… It’s just to slow down pace. I remember three years ago, our walks, we were walking really fast.

“So we decided to take the helmets off of them last year during this time because if we didn’t, the walks would become what we didn’t want — the physicality part of it. You over-emphasize the communication before the snap. The reason I like that is because the kids know exactly where to go and how to go do it. In a walk, you can kind of at times stumble into the right guy, if that makes sense. So we want to make sure our footwork’s right at every position. We want to make sure our communication pre-snap, that we know where we’re going.”

Pittman also provided an interesting tidbit on why a team doesn’t start preparing too early for an opponent.

“We’re trying to really amp up our mental games this week and that includes extra film time for film on Auburn, as well,” Pittman said. “And I do think this, though but I do think this, that if you start practicing for a team too early, there gets a lull in game week. So we certainly didn’t want that either. So there’s a fine line in what we’re doing, but the walks I think will benefit us much more than getting a lull because we’re not actually practicing physicality.”

Pittman is hoping to get the four defensive backs who were injured and out against BYU back for Auburn. That includes Myles Slusher, Malik Chavis, Khari Johnson and Jayden Johnson.

“Khari’s been cleared,” Pittman said. “So he’s fine. Jayden’s probably not yet cleared. In other words, if we were practicing today, he’d probably be one of those guys in indy to kind of check and see how he feels, things of that nature. I’ll be honest with you guys, I expect every one of our guys back for the Auburn game, with the exception of DayDay and Cat, who obviously are out for the season, and Taurean Carter, I don’t know if he’s out for the season, but those guys. I expect everybody else to be back by the way we’re practicing. We want to get as healthy a team as possible. But, Khari is ready to go. Jayden’s close. And then your next one would probably be Slusher. And then probably the furthest away is probably Chavis.”

Pittman expects offensive tackle Ty’Kieast Crawford and center Marcus Henderson back for Auburn. The two were injured and didn’t make the trip to BYU. Pittman also explained why wide receiver Warren Thompson didn’t play the first half against BYU.

“We just had an internal, we had an issue there,” Pittman said. “That was just a discipline deal for a half, and he is ready to go now. I thought he handled that situation great. He was excited on the sideline and all that, and then went in there. But he is healthy now and doing well.”

Linebacker Bumper Pool and wide receiver Jadon Haselwood are two players who have continued to play despite dealing with some injuries. Can this two weeks help players such as that too?

“Boy, I hope so,” Pittman said. “I think Bump needs it even worse than Haselwood. Bump’s injury is just nagging, which is affecting the way he plays. And hopefully we can get him back healthy. Haselwood is the same thing; he’s dinged up a little bit, which you can continually week after week after week, it just doesn’t get much better. So, we’re certainly hoping that this week will help him, as well.

“And I’ll be honest with you, we’re not going to throw KJ (Jefferson) this week, either. His shoulder has been sore, and he won’t throw a ball this week. But that’s fine. We’ll get him in on Monday, and he’ll be ready to go.”

Arkansas will be at Auburn on Oct. 29 for an 11 a.m. kickoff and televised on the SEC Network.