FAYETTEVILLE — After a bye week, Sam Pittman expects to get several of his injured players back for the Auburn game.

Arkansas (4-3, 1-3) will be at Auburn on Saturday. The Tigers are also coming off a bye week. On Monday, Pittman provided an injury update.

“We’re going to look at (Myles) Slusher today in indy and see how well he can progress or how much better he is,” Pittman said. “We feel like he’s going to be fine. Khari (Johnson) will be back, and hopefully we can get Malik (Chavis) back no later than tomorrow. Hopefully (Latavious) Brini’s ankle that has been bothering him for five or six weeks now, hopefully it’s healed. We’ll know a little bit more about that. Marcus Henderson will be one guy that probably won’t be ready early in the week, hopefully later. He had a high ankle sprain. Getting (Ty’Kieast) Crawford back today. Jayden (Johnson) will be ready to practice today as well. Bumper (Pool) feels better, and Drew Sanders feels better. So, I think we did the right thing. We’ll obviously wait to see on Saturday if it is the right call or not, but we feel like it is.”

Wide receiver Jadon Haselwood has been playing through an injury all season and Pittman also commented on that.

“I think it’ll be a nagging thing with him, probably throughout the year,” Pittman said. “However, I think he feels a lot better. But we’ll probably still have him in the green at practice.”

Slusher and both Johnsons missed the BYU game and Chavis had to exit early because of a head injury. Slusher was hurt against Alabama and hasn’t played since. Jayden and Khari Johnson both were injured in the Mississippi State game. Chavis is a cornerback while the others are safeties and nickel backs though Khari Johnson has also played some cornerback. Pittman talked about the importance of getting the defensive backs on the field again.

“Well, obviously, getting who might be a 1 on your team, who you think is your better players back not only just physically out on the field, but it helps you as a play caller, because you’ve seen them do it before,” Pittman said. “You trust them a little bit more with guys you’ve seen than the hope of ‘I hope we do it well.’ So, each game’s a lot about matchups, and how do you match them.

“It’s hard not to look at scores, but scores really, really don’t matter about how some team did against another team. It’s about the matchup. Do you match up well with whomever they have? So, I think the first thing with Auburn, you’ve got to be able to stop their running game. Obviously they ran for over 300 yards last week. Then, how do you match up against their wide receivers and things of that nature. So, we’re going to have to give them several looks. They’ve got a really talented quarterback. Young, but very, very talented. So we’re going to have to mix up the looks for him pre-snap and see if we can’t do a good job with that.”

A couple of the defensive backs who have capitalized on the others missing action are Keuan Parker and Trent Gordon. Pittman was asked if they caught his eye?

“Keuan has,” Pittman said. “I think Keuan played a pretty good game against BYU. I think there’s always a silver lining if you have guys that you really don’t know about that come in and play pretty well.

“It obviously makes your depth better, and sometimes it gets their minds a little more positive about what they can do, and then they’ll play better. They might be better on special teams, things of that nature. To be where we’re at and be relatively healthy with an opportunity in these next few games, I think it did help us and I think it will help us as we continue to move on through these next five.”

Pittman said he likes the mental freshness from the bye week as well as the physical healing of some key players.

“I think rest a lot of times puts things in perspective,” Pittman said. “You’re not running, running, running. You’re looking at, OK here’s where we are. This is what we’ve done. This is where we can get to.

“We tried not to rest them mentally as far as prep. Mental prep, film, walks, things of that nature, for Auburn. But obviously when your body slows down, a lot of times your mind does too. So hopefully we’ve got the perfect remedy for the guys to kind of go down a little bit, relax a little bit, because we know we have a hard five-game stretch coming up.”

Arkansas and Auburn will kickoff at 11 a.m. on Saturday and televised on the SEC Network.