FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas will play its third 11 a.m. kickoff on Saturday when Auburn comes to town to take on the Razorbacks for homecoming.

Oddly enough, next Saturday, the Hogs will play a fourth straight 11 a.m. game and in four different stadiums. The first one was at Georgia then last weekend at Ole Miss. Then, on Oct. 23, the Hogs will be in Little Rock for another 11 a.m. start against UAPB. Pittman was asked Monday if he has ever been a part of four straight 11 a.m. kickoffs?

“No, I don’t think I’ve ever been a part of as many 11 a.m. games in a row at all, let alone on the road that many times,” Pittman said. “I’m grateful for 11 a.m. games. They’re a lot better when you win because you can go home, look at everybody else and say, ‘Why’d he make that call? Why’d he do that?’ And have a good time. But when you lose, it’s not any fun. You go home and you think over and over and over about how you can… A man who corrects himself looks at himself, not… I know we didn’t play well defensively and I get all that. I have to look at me first. What am I doing to help them? Am I giving input? Am I looking at enough film to find a flaw over here? Things that can help because of my offensive background, looking at their offense to help our defense. But I’m going to do better. I can help and I need to.”

This one will be in Reynolds Razorback Stadium and the first game there since Georgia Southern in Week 3. Arkansas defeated Rice, Texas and Georgia Southern in the three games in Fayetteville to start the season. But now they are back home to face a 4-2 Auburn team and Pittman is asking for help.

“With that said, we need our fans,” Pittman said. “I think we’re about 500 tickets remaining for the game. I had a quick glimpse of what you said, and its 100 percent correct. There’s been two games that had specific, in my opinion, with the game I think the crowd mattered and helped the winning team. I’m not saying either team would have not won without the crowd, but when we went to Georgia, it was 100 decibels over there. It certainly affected the beginning of the game and throughout the game. Of course, when we played Texas here our crowd was as good as any crowd that you could ever hope for. We need that crowd again. We need our students in here raising heck early before the game. I’m just telling you the football team needs the fans, and we need them to come in here and help us win on Saturday.”

Pittman is also calling for the students to pack that section as he tweeted about on Tuesday.

The Razorbacks had 74,531 fans attend the Texas game. Pittman would love a homecoming crowd at or near that size. The No. 17 Razorbacks, oddly enough, are favored against an SEC team for the first time since Pittman arrived. The Hogs are 4-9 in SEC games under Pittman after the 2020 schedule was completely conference opponents. Pittman was asked his thoughts on being favored over another SEC opponent?

“I don’t know,” Pittman said. “I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know if it has any outcome on the game or not, but I’d rather be favored than 22-point underdogs, I don’t know what it means to be honest with you, but we are favored against Auburn, so we’ve come a little ways, you know. We’ll find out. Obviously, if that was the case we’d be, going into this game, we’d be 2-and-14. But still got to play the game. So, I don’t really know how to answer the question.”

Saturday’s game will be televised on CBS for anyone who can’t make it to the game.