Former Razorback Pole Vaulter Sandi Morris says breaking your pole during a jump is rare, but it’s happened to her three times in her career. This last time at the IAAF World Challenge she calls ‘the perfect storm’ as she continues to prepare for the Olympic Trials. 
“Whenever you break a pole it happens so quickly that you don’t even realize what’s going on until you’re on the mat and you have a piece of a broken pole in your hand.” adds Morris. “The force of the pole breaking snapped my wrist down so quickly that it fractured the tip of my ulna in you wrist.” 
She was aware that something was wrong, but didn’t expect her pole to break.
“I could feel the pole bending more than it was suppose to and I thought I was just going to bale out on the jump, well, that didn’t end up happening because the pole broke before I could bale out.” continues Morris,  “I was grabbing my shoulder and it was really funny because one of the officials walked up and asked me if I needed a doctor, and I was like ‘give me a minute, I don’t know yet’ because nothing was hurting yet so I was waiting to see how injured I was.”
Walking away with a fractured wrist, it comes at a terrible time. 
“Pretty much I can’t vault for four weeks, but when we are less than 7 weeks out to the Olympic Trials that’s a big bummer.”
The injury keeping her out of competition, she can still run and train. but as one of the favorites at the Olympic Trials, she’ll be going to Eugene Oregon with limited practice and a target on her back. 
“I think this is all going to be about overcoming it mentally. It’s going to be a mental thing because I’m going to step out there in the Olympic Trials with hopefully one of two practices.” says Morris. 
She has to finish in the top three to be a part of Team USA this year in Rio. 
“There are three of us who are ahead of the field by a good bit, so we are the favored three, but you never know what is going to happen at a meet like this.”
Morris says she placing her trust in knowing her talent is good enough. 
“I’m confident that I can do that even after this. If I can go out and have a pretty good day, I know I have a shot of making this team.” adds Morris. 
The Olympic Trials start for her on July 8th in Eugene Oregon.