FAYETTEVILLE — On Friday, the Pac-12 joined the Big Ten in going to a conference-only season this fall.

Among the Power 5 that leaves the SEC, Big 12 and ACC with decisions to make. The SEC will hold a meeting on Monday regarding its status, but has said previously it wants to wait until later in July to make a decision. The meeting on Monday was scheduled before the Pac-12 made its announcement on Friday. The Big 12 and ACC have also stated plans for a late July decision.

However, with the coronavirus pandemic not slowing down it seems less and less likely anything more than a conference-only schedule can be played. Maybe a bigger question is even if the season starts will it be able to finish?

Major League Baseball and the NBA are attempting to play shortened seasons. Obviously much of college football and athletics will be keeping an eye on how that goes.

Even if each of the Power 5 go to conference-only games the starting dates will be in question. The Big Ten is still hoping to get in 10 league games. It appears the Pac-12 will delay its start due to Los Angeles being one of the nation’s hot spots. Both UCLA and USC are located there.

What would a conference-only schedule look like for the University of Arkansas? That would mean games against Nevada, Notre Dame, Charleston Southern and ULM wouldn’t be played.

The current SEC schedule for Arkansas which would likely see dates change if they go to conference-only games includes at Mississippi State (Sept. 19), Texas A&M (Sept. 26 in Arlington), Alabama (Oct. 10), LSU (Oct. 17), Tennessee (Oct. 31), at Auburn (Nov. 7), Ole Miss (Nov. 14) and Missouri (Nov. 28 in Kansas City).

There’s so many questions remaining even if all the Power 5 go to conference-only games. The questions of fans in stands, media access, students attending games and many more.

The chances of moving college football to the spring will only be last resort according to multiple sources though that option remains on the table.