FAYETTEVILLE — It’s already Week 5 in the SEC and the staff at Hogville will take a stab at picking the winners in each of the games.

In last week’s picks, the Texas A&M win over Arkansas gave each of the five a missed prediction. But for myself, Dudley E. Dawson, Ty Hudson and Kevin McPherson that was the only miss as each of the four went 9-1. John D. James went 7-3.


Kevin McPherson, 43-6

Ty Hudson, 42-7

Dudley E. Dawson, 41-8

Otis Kirk, 41-8

John D. James, 39-10

This week’s games, kickoff times (all CT) and network for each of the games.

Thursday, Sept. 29

South Carolina State at South Carolina, 6 p.m., SEC Network

Otis — The Gamecocks will take this game moved up to tonight due to hurricane. Pick: South Carolina

Dudley — This game got moved to Thursday night because of the expected weather. Two days of less preparation for the Gamecocks won’t matter in this one against at the Bulldogs, who lost to UCF 51-14. South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer has a second happy press conference in a row. Pick South Carolina.

Kevin — South Carolina puts away in-state South Carolina State early. Pick: South Carolina

Ty — Gamecocks should be fine in a gimme game. Pick: South Carolina

John —  Like South Carolina to beat the in state rivals. Pick: South Carolina

Saturday, Oct. 1

Alabama at Arkansas, 2:30 p.m., CBS

Otis — The streak of losses to the Tide will end, but likely not this year. Wouldn’t shock me to see Hogs win this one, but I can’t pick them. Pick: Alabama

Dudley — Even if Arkansas had closed out an inferior Texas A&M team and set up a Top 10 battle in Fayetteville, it would not have changed my choice. Until the Razorbacks take down a Nick Saban team, it seems safe to pick his program. Pick: Alabama

Kevin — No time for looking back at Aggie what-ifs, Arkansas bounces back in a big way to knock off ‘Bama for the first time since 2006. Pick: Arkansas

Ty — I don’t know..call me crazy, bias, whatever you want..I’m thinking Arkansas did nearly everything in their power to not just lose that game against a ranked ATM team last week, but enough for an absolute rear kicking..and still managed only to lose by 2 pts. They can do two things this week in preparation for Bama, hang their heads and let that loss linger only to get slaughtered vs the Tide..or use last weeks game down in Arlington as motivation to do the unthinkable..beating the Crimson Tide in Fayetteville. Give me the Hogs. Pick: Arkansas

John — The Hogs will be looking to get back on the winning track at home, This is the year the streak against Bama ends.  Arkansas wins. Pick: Arkansas

Kentucky at Ole Miss, 11 a.m., ESPN

Otis — This is a tough one to pick. Kentucky is much better than I thought they would be and for that matter so is Ole Miss. Pick: Ole Miss

Dudley — One of the toughest games to pick this week. I really like Kentucky quarterback Will Levis and also Juice Kiffin – Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin’s dog and a great twitter read along with Arkansas canine Lucy Pittman. Las Vegas says the Rebels so I will, too. Pick: Ole Miss.

Kevin — Kentucky looks to keep things rollin’ with another win on the road against a ranked team, but this time the home team wins … gimme Ole Miss. Pick: Ole Miss

Ty — While they didn’t look so hot vs Tulsa…i still really like OM’s run game (#1 in SEC). Taking the Rebels at home. Pick: Ole Miss

John — Ole Miss has not been tested, Kentucky has shown they are a winner under stoops.  Like Kentucky here. Pick: Kentucky

Texas A&M at Mississippi State, 3 p.m., SEC Network

Otis — I wasn’t sold on Aggies before the Hogs game. Still not sold on them. Pick: Mississippi State

Dudley — A battle between Arkansas’ last foe and its next one. With the Aggies having lost star wide receiver Ainias Smith to a season-ending injury in the win over Razorbacks, I’ll take the Bulldogs because of the home field and their QB Will Rogers. Pick: Mississippi State

Kevin — Aggies feeling good about themselves with back-to-back victories over ranked teams, and they win another close one on the road against Mississippi State. Pick: Texas A&M

Ty —  I’m buying more stock in the Bulldogs than I am the Aggies right now, but i believe it’ll be a game regardless and its at Starkville, the Aggies luck runs out this weekend amongst those noisy cowbells (How are those legal inside the stadium btw?). Pick: Mississippi State

John — Not impressed at all with the Aggies, State will roll and roll big. Pick: Mississippi State

LSU at Auburn, 6 p.m., ESPN

Otis — It seems many at Auburn are hoping Auburn loses so they can fire Bryan Harsin than win a game. Pick: LSU

Dudley — In this battle of the Tigers, Auburn wont LSU last year. I expect LSU to return the favor this season. Pick: LSU

Kevin — Auburn has not looked good and we’re still not sold on LSU, but we’ll take the visiting Tigers as LSU wins its fourth consecutive game after season-opening heartbreaker at Florida State. Pick: LSU

Ty —  Auburn called me this weekend to come play QB…unfortunately i had to decline. Pick: LSU

John — Auburn just went through the motions last week. LSU wins big. Pick: LSU

Georgia at Missouri, 6:30, SEC Network

Otis — Georgia is the best team in the country. Pick: Georgia

Dudley — This might be the best team in the SEC against the one that is battling the most uphill. The Tigers fought valiantly at Auburn, but couldn’t pull it off in the end. Pick: Georgia.

Kevin — Georgia stays unblemished with road win over Missouri. Pick: Georgia

Ty — Missouri is about to get curb stomped, Does Drink have ANYTHING up his sleeve for this game? Nothing really going right for the Mizzou Tigers. Pick: Georgia

John — No reason that Missouri like Arkansas should have lost last week. But Missouri may hang tough, but I like Georgia to stay undefeated. Pick: Georgia

Sunday, Oct. 2

Eastern Washington at Florida, 11 a.m., ESPN+

Otis — They could play this game any day of week result will be same. Pick: Florida

Dudley — Current Los Angeles Rams star wide receiver Cooper Kupp is Eastern Washington’s most famous gridiron alum. He is married to former Arkansas track athlete Anna Croskey. Neither will be in The Swamp for this delayed Sunday and the Eagles gave up 70 to Oregon. So…Pick: Florida

Kevin — Florida takes care of business at home against Eastern Washington. Pick: Florida

Ty — EW gave up 70pts to Oregon…yeesh. Pick: Florida

John — Florida has been so up and down Going out on a limb at taking Eastern Washington. Pick: Eastern Washington