FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) – For the Taylor family, baseball season has always been hectic, but this season is unlike any other.

“This is a season for the Taylor history books. This will never happen for y’all again,” Emily Taylor said.

That’s because all three of their sons are pitching at three different D1 programs this year.

“Is your whole entire family just filled with college baseball players? I’m like yeah kind of,” LSU pitcher Grant Taylor said.

Collin, the oldest, transferred from Arkansas to UAB, Evan is still pitching for the Razorbacks, and Grant is a freshman at LSU.

For their parents, Kin and Emily Taylor, they’ve had to get creative when it comes to scheduling their time.

“They have it down to a science too, like my dad has this huge spreadsheet like he loves it,” Evan said.

From their home in Florence, Alabama, Birmingham is 117 miles away, Fayetteville is 471 and Baton Rouge is 440, but the distance doesn’t really phase them.

“I remember it beginning probably in December, is when I started getting texts, ‘Have your got your schedule yet I need to fill out my spreadsheet,” Collin said.

The spreadsheet isn’t complicated for this weekend as two of their sons will be in the same place: Baum-Walker Stadium.

“I’ve never played one of my brothers before, they’ve always been on the same team as me. So I’m looking forward to that, it will be a new experience, but another SEC weekend I’m not gonna try and make it bigger than it is, I’m not gonna go out there and be superman cause I’m playing my little brothers team,” Evan said.

Their parents said they are remaining neutral for this series between LSU and Arkansas.

“People will ask us who you gonna pull for, it’s obviously who’s on the mound and I hope they each throw up zeros and the runs are scored on somebody else,” Kin said.

“They kinda went over like black t-shirt’s not rooting for anyone, whoever’s on the mound we’re gonna root for them. Grant, I will tell you though we are gonna sit in Evan’s seats cause they are a little bit better,” Grant said.

While most of the family will be at Baum-Walker, Collin will be playing in a series with Old Dominion, but he’s still going to try and support his two younger brothers when he can.

“I think it will be funny to see who gets to talk the stuff after this series between the two of them,” Collin said.

No matter who wins this weekend, their parents are hoping that both their sons have performances their proud of.

“It’s such a blessing to see them to really reach this level of their dream,” Emily said.

The LSU-Arkansas series kicks off on Thursday night at Baum-Walker Stadium.