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Alyssa Orange talked with WPTV’s Paxton Boyd about the latest news on Lane Kiffin, and if he could be Arkansas’ next head coach.

Boyd, who covers FAU in West Palm Beach says, “What I can tell you is that Lane absolutely loves it here. He loves Boca Raton. He loves the lifestyle here, so when and if he actually leaves, it will be for what he believes is a great opportunity. I’ve interviewed Lane multiple times in the past, and the one thing he has always told me is that the things that were important to him early in his career no longer are. For instance he always used to chase the bigger job, more money, and he is at a position now in his career that he doesn’t feel the need to do that. He is also at a position here at Florida Atlantic that he isn’t on the hot seat. There is no pressure here like there was at Tennessee and USC, and while I am sure he would love to return to the Power 5, he’s built a program here that could be a power house in Conference USA year in and year out. FAU is happy to have him. As of right now my sources are saying FAU is working overtime to try and sweeten the pot a little bit and convince him to stay.”

Watch the full interview with Boyd above, and to read more on Lane Kiffin:

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