Arkansas gymnastics head coach Jordyn Wieber and Razorback assistant coach Chris Brooks are living their dream. The two former Olympic athletes get to spend their days coaching the sport they love with the one they love.

In October of 2021, Brooks surprised his then-girlfriend Wieber by proposing to her while Jordyn was on a trip to Michigan.

“I traveled to Michigan for the purpose of being inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame.” Wieber said. “I thought Chris was in Arkansas. I thought he was kind of here holding down the fort, babysitting our dog. And in the door he walked.”

“Jordan is like next to impossible to surprise. I’ve now successfully done it twice,” Brooks laughed. “But it was so last minute…. I got a last minute flight and went out there.”

Brooks was planning on proposing to Wieber in December during the holidays, but the ring arrived to their house early in October. Not wanting to wait two more months, Chris decided burst through the front door of Wieber’s family home in Michigan and propose to her, knowiung he always wanted to get down on one knee with family present.

The newly engaged couple now live together and work together every day on the Razorback gymnastics staff. But life can’t be all gymnastics all the time, they’ve found ways to unplug.

“Getting a dog was a huge break through,” Brooks laughed. “We get outside. Now that it’s winter season, we are kind of full-time gymnastics. But when the weather is nice, we get outside. We go hiking, she runs, I rollerblade.”

But even if it is all work sometimes, the two know when it’s time to set gymnastics aside.

“We have a really good balance in terms of personality and I think we’ve known that since we met each other and kind of grew up competing for Team USA and really getting to know each other as friends,” said Wieber.

Brooks and Wieber first met in 2011 while competing and have since blossomed a relationship together that will last a lifetime.

“I don’t know if I could do it with any other human. Her and I work really, really well together. I think it’s just a communication thing,” Brooks said. “We communicate really well, which is why our relationship works and our coaching relationship works. And why we are choosing to spend the rest of our lives together.”