FAYETTEVILLE — Senior running back Trelon Smith is excited for the Outback Bowl after leading the University of Arkansas in rushing this season.

Smith, despite sharing carries with three other running backs plus quarterback KJ Jefferson, topped the Hogs rushing chart with 117 carries for 592 yards and five touchdowns while also adding four receptions for 21 yards.

Smith talked about sharing the carries with Dominique Johnson, Rocket Sanders and AJ Green.

“The running back room we have here man, it’s a talented room,” Smith said. “You’ve got different backs with different talents. We’re all different in our different ways. This year splitting up the reps, I really didn’t have a problem with it. We’re all good backs and I want to see everybody win. So  Dom got an opportunity to go out there and shine, have his breakout year, seeing Rocket go out there and have his breakout year, even AJ, you know I was blessed and happy to see those guys having fun and we were all doing it out there together. That was the most important part about it.”

Smith eventually lost his starting job to Johnson. Despite losing his starting spot Smith continued to run as hard as ever when in the game. Did it take some adjusting mentally to stay ready?

“It was rough, but with me being a football player and the man I am, I’m a team person,” Smith said. “I’m a team person first. So my whole mindset was just to keep doing what I do best. I’ve faced a few injuries this year, but I’m good, man. I just did what I had to do to help the team out and continue to win.”

Smith can come back to Arkansas for his COVID season in 2022. Is that possibly something you may do?

“I have been weighing that option, but I haven’t made a decision yet,” Smith said. “We’re still in season, so I’m just trying to get through with the season and go from there.”

Smith and the Razorbacks will now face Penn State in the Outback Bowl. That is something that has Smith excited and looking forward to.

“Oh man, you know we’re ready man,” Smith said. “This is a huge deal. This is the first bowl game in a few past years. This is another logo team, and you know. So, we’ve won three trophies already man, so our whole mindset is just going out there and finishing strong and bringing that fourth one home and ending the season on the right page.”

Smith and the Razorbacks will kickoff against Penn State on New Year’s Day at 11 a.m. (CT) and televised on ESPN2.