FAYETTEVILLE — Tyrone Broden opted to play at Arkansas this year once he decided to leave Bowling Green.

Broden, 6-foot-7, 195-pounds, had a lot of good options, but chose Arkansas and that is something he hasn’t regretted.

“I love Arkansas,” Broden said. “I love the people. I love the coaches. That was the main reason why I came here. I love Coach Pitt (Sam Pittman), Coach G (Kenny Guiton) and Coach E (Dan Enos). And I love all my teammates. It’s been good being here.”

Broden has proved to be a versatile, fast learner and that should help him make a bigger impact this fall.

“I’m very ready,” Broden said. “I know the playbook in and out. I can play all positions on the field, X, Z and Y. So far, I’ve been doing good.”

In 32 games at Bowling Green, including 21 starts, Broden caught 74 passes for 1,192 yards and 12 touchdowns. Broden joins Isaac TeSlaa and Andrew Armstrong as transfer wide receivers this season

“From last year, this room is totally upside down,” Broden said. “Everybody loves each other. Everyone plays off each other. When someone makes a good play, everyone is happy. Nobody is down. That’s what it takes to be good.”

Being versatile is something that should pay off for Broden since he said that’s basically required in Enos’ offense.

“Because, with Coach Enos it’s not like you play one position,” Broden said. “Got to know the formations, the shifts, the motions. So you can’t just focus on one specific position. You got to know them all because if you miss on one position, you’re going to flop up on another one. So, with his scheme and everything, you have to know everything on the field.”

Guiton is widely regarded as an outstanding wide receiver’s coach. Broden talked about what Guiton has urged him to work on the most.

“With Coach Guiton, he wants me to get stronger and wants me to work on like, my route running,” Broden said. “Because I’m 6’7, I can like, I can go get the ball up type. But the short routes, the intermediate routes, I can get better with my feet. And that’s what he wants from me.”

Arkansas has had a lot of success with getting wide receivers from the transfer portal. Last year it was Jadon Haselwood and Matt Landers. They topped the Hogs in catches. Broden has a theory on why making the transition to Arkansas is so easy.

“Everyone is still learning at the same time,” Broden said. “Transitioning in, it was easy because you all still have to learn. You’ve still got to learn Coach Enos, still have to learn Coach G, so it was easy.”

Pittman is a very popular head coach with the players and Broden is no exception.

“With Coach Pitt, what you see is what you get,” Broden said. “He’s always smiling, he’s always happy. He’s never down on anybody and he’s just a great coach all around.”

Broden told an interesting story about himself and how he wasn’t always a tall target for quarterbacks.

“When I was in 10th grade, I was like 5-7,” Broden said. “Then by the time…in like three months, I went from 5-7 to like 6-4. Now I’m 6-7.”

Broden paid a compliment to Armstrong who is one of the other transfer wide receivers.

“He’s just a guy,” Broden said. “He’s not a guy, but he’s that guy on the field. Like, he can play outside, he can play in the slot. He’s not going to drop the ball. He’s going to do whatever. The same with Isaac TeSlaa. He’s going to catch everything, no matter if it’s one hand, behind the back, he’s going to catch it regardless. Those guys are great.”

Broden and Arkansas will return to the practice fields later today as they prepare for the season opener on Sept. 2.