Wide Receiver Could be Strength for Arkansas in 2019

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Arkansas added four scholarship wide receivers in the offseason and it appears it is already paying off.

Arkansas signed Trey Knox, Treylon Burks, Shamar Nash and T.Q. Jackson in the Class of 2019. They are all big and fast. Chad Morris likes what he sees from that group.

You brought in a lot of depth and height at wide receiver in this recruiting class. First impressions when you look at them?

“I wanted to see what it looked like, and to look over than and go, โ€˜Okay, wow, weโ€™ve definitely increased some size,โ€™ which we had to have,” Morris said. “I thought from that standpoint, I was pleased. Watching them out there performing, it was different. It was a lot different. Weโ€™ve got some guys that are really running, theyโ€™re really pushing each other. So, weโ€™ll see. That was by design, we had to go get bigger and faster.”

Knox and Nash were involved in spring ball. But what about Burks and Jackson who weren’t here. What did you see from them?

“As true freshmen, you would think, โ€˜Okay, theyโ€™re going to be swimming a little bit,โ€™ and I didnโ€™t see that today,” Morris said. “They made a few mistakes, but I thought they were prepared, I thought that they were very focused, and I think they did some really good things today. Itโ€™ll be interesting to watch the film tonight to see how they did. And again, for Day 1 I was pleased with those guys.”

Knox made a very strong impression last spring. He seems to be always smiling and enjoying his time with the Hogs.

“Absolutely,” Morris said. “We tell our guys all the time, โ€˜When we recruit you, we want you to be you. If you wear a cowboy hat and a big belt buckle, come in here wearing a cowboy hat and a big belt buckle. Donโ€™t come in here and be somebody youโ€™re not. And Trey Knox, he smiles because he loves life. This guy truly loves every day he wakes up. Itโ€™s not a front, heโ€™s been smiling since the day he got here. Itโ€™s a credit to his family, and itโ€™s a credit to the way he views everyday life. And itโ€™s contagious, I will say that.

โ€œHe gets everybody smiling, so not only is this a really good football player, but this is a young man that has come in and raises the standard in that room with everybody. He has made some of those guys who may be on that second tier, heโ€™s pushing them and elevating them. Not just him, be weโ€™ve got a lot of these young guys that are coming in that are doing that. We want them to be themselves. We brought them in here to challenge, to push, to create competition because we know it would make everybody better. For day one, weโ€™ve seen that. You can definitely tell this football team has worked extremely hard this summer on their own. Player led workouts, this is as good a first day in grasping the install that Iโ€™ve been a part of. Itโ€™s strictly their hard work and what they did, and the meetings that theyโ€™ve had.โ€

Arkansas also brought in some talented walk-on wide receivers including John David White from Pulaski Academy.

Arkansas will practice today at 10:05 a.m. Media Day will be from 2:15-3:15 p.m.

The Razorbacks open the season on Saturday, Aug. 31, against Portland State in Reynolds Razorback Stadium at 3 p.m.

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