Q&A With Arkansas’ D’Vone McClure

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By Otis Kirk

Junior D’Vone McClure and the Razorbacks returned to the practice fields on Tuesday following spring break last week.

McClure plays the nickel for Arkansas. He started six of the 12 games he played in last season. He finished with 26 tackles, including 19 solo, two tackles for loss, one sack, three pass breakups and a forced fumble. 

Following the practice, McClure met with the media. Here’s a Q&A with the former Jacksonville High School standout who left professional baseball to play football for the Hogs. 

Q — How was the energy on the first day back, and the belt, too?

DM — We’re going to wait until tomorrow on the belt. But I felt like the Attack Drill, the first drill we did, it definitely turned the energy through the roof to start practice. I feel like everybody was happy to get back out there today.

Q — Is the Attack Drill something new?

DM — It’s new. The name is great for it, though. You’re getting attacked for sure, like back-to-back-to-back. It’s nice. I like it.

Q — Chad Morris said you had energy coming out?

DM — Since we started doing that belt, it just upped the energy and the competition out there.

Q — Greg Brooks, and who’s rotating at the Nickel spot?

DM — Right now it’s me, Greg Brooks and Simeon Blair. I think we all work together and try to get better and talk through certain situations. We’re kind of just one – just the Nickels. I feel like Greg is going to be a good guy. He’s coming along and he’s learning. He’s looking pretty natural. Simeon, his footwork is crazy. But they’re coming along. I think the Nickel spot is looking a lot better than it did. 

Q — Got back Sunday and Chad praised y’all for staying out of trouble, plus the team looked back a bit?

DM — I think he was getting at it like him not getting any calls on spring break. It’s a step in the right direction and players focused on the right things and not these outside things. I’m right there with him, I think it’s a good step. One hundred and five players anywhere from 17-25, you’re bound to get some calls on spring break, and the fact that we didn’t, I think it’s huge.

Q — Who are the voices in the secondary?

DM — It’s more so the players who played a little bit last year, not for any particular reason – just confidence and knowing the scheme a little bit more. I would say Kam (Curl), me, Buster Brown and Jarques McClellion. Guys are flying around and bringing the energy and that’s expected. And Joe Foucha. That’s just how Joe is, though. He’s a confident guy. You don’t really got to ask for that from him.

Q — What about Montaric “Buster” Brown’s athletic interception?

DM — They bailed on one receiver and jumped up and got the pick. That’s something that I think is expected of us out here this spring. He’s getting real comfortable.

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