After the Jets completed an incredible walk-off victory in Week 1 against the Bills, there was a sense of belief and optimism that the team could possibly still do some damage this season, even without Aaron Rodgers.

But the torn left Achilles tendon suffered by Rodgers was as big of a setback as any NFL team could suffer. But now, after a tough Week 2 loss to the Cowboys, who boast one of the NFL’s best defenses, it appears that optimism, specifically in regard to quarterback Zach Wilson is all but gone—at least in the eyes of ESPN host and prominent Jets fan Mike Greenberg.

It appears Greeny is ready to move on to what’s next, and is banging the table for the Jets to “call the Vikings and beg them to trade you Kirk Cousins, or someone else,” as he said Monday morning on ESPN’s Get Up. This came after Greenberg stated that Wilson is “not an NFL quarterback” and that the Jets coaching staff is “scared” to let Wilson do anything.

The rant comes after Greenberg and analyst Bart Scott first floated the preposterous Cousins trade idea last week.

Whether Greenberg proves to be correct in his criticism, or if the Jets turn the corner next week, is entirely irrelevant. The overlying issue here is the implausibility of the trade for Cousins.

New York can’t trade either its first- or second-round picks in 2024 until after the season, as they are both tied up in the Rodgers trade as “conditional” pieces which won’t be officially settled until after the season. Additionally, it likely would take some next-level negotiating to swing that deal, considering the Vikings went 13-4 with Cousins last season and remain a team with playoff hopes of their own despite an 0-2 start.