WATCH: McPherson Reflects on Anderson’s 8-Year Career Leading Arkansas


Fayetteville, AR-

Here’s a transcription from our one-on-one interview with Kevin McPherson from Hogville.Net.

Arkansas had 169 wins, 102 losses under Mike Anderson:

Drew Amman- You know when you just rewind for a minute and you look at the IU loss, 63-60, I can tell you, I was in Bloomington, and personally I was thinking, alright, it looked like he was almost at peace with what happens moving forward, because there were a lot of things that happened this season that shaped the way things went down today with the firing of Mike Anderson at Arkansas. We bring in Kevin McPherson, he is our Hoops insider from Hogville.Net. Kevin your takeaways on this. 

Kevin McPherson- 
First off all that’s right, there were some rumblings of stuff the last ten days or so and it was really picking up a lot of steam and momentum and the last couple of days people that I was talking to said this was going to happen. Obviously Mike came home to coach Arkansas. Left a good position at Missouri to get back to Arkansas and get the program back to some resemblance of what we had under Nolan Richardson and one of the elite programs in college basketball in the 1990s. That just never happened. Mike poured himself into this program and he ran a clean program. He fixed the culture of the basketball program. He got it to respectable in the SEC. Three NCAA tournaments in the past 4 seasons prior to this year, only one of two teams in the SEC to do that, and if there was still divisional play in the SEC like it is in Football and Baseball he would have finished 1st in the SEC West three times. and second last year. So some of the things on the perception of the job he did was probably fair and equal to what he did, but at the same time, 3 NCAA Trips in 8 years, no consistent rankings and no sweet 16s, advancing into the Sweet 16 Tournament, and Arkansas is a program that can be better than that. So as we say, Mike Anderson did a great job at Arkasnas, in the same voice you can also be true that it wasn’t enough. 

Drew Amman- Yeah absolutely, I want to close with that, when you look at this Kevin. Arkansas is a team that just didn’t find a way to get over the hump under Mike Anderson. You are that close to knocking off eventual champ North Carolina and obviously that doesn’t sit well with Razorback fans. 

Kevin McPherson- You are right, you look at the rankings, they were only ranked that one season 14-15 when they won 27 games, but also they didn’t get to the Sweet 16. Look at all these teams that are getting to the Elite 8 and Sweet 16 in the last two or three years. Arkansas should be among those and that’s what the fan base expects. It’s not going to be like that every year necessarily, but in 8 years under MIke Anderson, as good a job as he did, he did not get to that level and that is the expectation of this program, and that’s been beared out today. 


 Kevin from Hogville.Net thanks very much. Melvin Watkins taking over basketball related matters. More basketball after this. 

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