“So, I get asked all the time by parents, ‘When should I bring my child in for their first exam?’ So, the American Optometric Association recommends getting an eye exam anywhere from 6-12 months of your child’s first year of life, about three years of age, and then around first grade. This allows us plenty of time to see if they have a weak eye or maybe an eye turn, to provide them glasses so that it will strengthen their binocular vision moving forward. So I would still recommend seeing an eye doctor every year, even if you don’t wear glasses, just so that we can check the entirety of your ocular health, and make sure there’s no conditions going on that may or may not cause any symptoms for you. So when you come in typically we will check your glasses prescription, but we’ll also do kind of a comprehensive eye exam to make sure your eyes are healthy and functioning the way that they should. So at our clinic at The Eye Center, optometrists are really responsible for primary eye care, that’s everything from your glasses or contacts to your ocular health front to back. If we notice any conditions which need more specialized care, we typically get our ophthalmologist involved and have you see them. So typically once a year your vision insurance will cover just kind of a routine screening for your ocular health. If we find anything at that time that needs further investigation or maybe some more treatment, typically we’ll have you come back on your medical insurance so that we can investigate that further.”