“The first step to finding out if you’re a Lasik candidate is a screening. We can do a virtual screening, parts of it can be done virtually, and then we do offer free in-person screenings to evaluate whether or not you’re a candidate. Lasik is a permanent procedure, there are exceptions to that in that your eye will continue to age, so your natural lens will lose its zoom in power as you age, but the Lasik will not wear off. Conventional Lasik uses a phoropter, it’s based off that, “better one or better two,” and that’s good enough for glasses or contacts, but it’s not good enough for Lasik. Custom Lasik uses a device called iDesign that measures 1200 individual points of light, and that gives us the potential to correct you beyond 20/20. Its normal to be nervous about getting refractor surgery, but this is something where we work a lot on connecting with our patients. We give you some medicine to help relax you, and I’ll be very close with you talking you through the entire procedure, and most everyone does beautifully with it. Generally Lasik is not covered by insurance, some insurance companies will help you with parts of it, but generally it’s considered an elective procedure. We do have financing options available for you.”