“So the most common procedure to get out of glasses is Lasik, or PRK, and those are procedures that alter the shape of the cornea to make it more round, or more or less powerful. You could also place a lens inside the eye, called an ICL, so that’s adding a lens to the eye to give it a more correct power. And then you can take out the natural clear lens that’s in the eye and replace it with an artificial lens to achieve the correct power. There’s absolutely procedures available to help you get out of reading glasses. One common way is to build in extra power into your nondominant eye with monovision or modest monovision, or some type of blended vision. Another option is to use a presbyopia correcting intraocular lens that gives you both distance and near vision. The most important thing for refractive surgery candidacy is being stable. Most people’s eyes stop changing when they’re 19 or 20, and so once you’re past that age, more than likely you are a candidate for some sort of refractory surgery. The easiest way to know if you’re a candidate is to get online and do a virtual screening with us, for free, or come in person for a free in-person screening.”