Part 1: Hog Newcomer Exclusive: Stromberg Fulfilled a Dream Signing with Arkansas


Tulsa, OK-

Next up in our Hog Newcomer Series…Ricky Stromberg, an Offensive Lineman from Tulsa Union who signed with the Razorbacks after decommitting from Tulsa. Here is Part One of our Q and A with one of the new Trench Hogs:

(Ricky Stromberg)

When they offered, it was something that I’ve dreamed of ever since I was a kid. I knew it was the right decision right away.

(Drew Amman)

You and Brady (Latham), another Hog Signee from Tulsa, what is your relationship like? I know you are going to room together. Sounds like a good deal.

Ricky, I’ve known him ever since I was a kid.  We’ve always been friends through sophomore and junior year and when I got offered by Arkansas and committed, we obviously became closer, but he’s one of my really good friends. I am excited to room with him.


The footprint that it seems Chad Morris puts in the Tulsa area, what do you think about that in terms of this program trying to get into this area?


I think it’s good because I think the (Oklahoma) Tulsa area is slept on in terms of athletes, and now I think it is really starting to show, and Arkansas is recruiting down here a lot, so I think it is really good for them.


Obviously Arkansas is coming off a rough season, but how effective do you think Chad Morris will be trying to turn this around?


I think it will be super effective. His attitude is straight towards this next season, the past is over for him, so, I think we’re all headed in the right direction, which is exciting.


Seems very genuine. He and his staff…they do a great job recruiting.


Yeah, he is always high, he is always up and always bringing energy. That’s what I notice, he is always with energy. He is high-energy.


Some of the tweets that were sent out from some of these notable names, you see John Elway, Marcus Allen, Warren Moon. What is the back story on that? I think you have an aunt who was a cheerleader?


She was a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders back in the 80s. That is how she knows Marcus Allen, and then she knows John Elway and Warren Moon. They are good friends, so she tried to text them to tweet it out, which is pretty cool.


What was it like when you saw those tweets come out?


It was eye-opening, I got a notification on my phone and it said John Elway tweeted at you, I’m like, oh, that’s pretty cool.


What did you think when you saw the Arkansas campus and facilities?


Me and my Dad, I went on a bunch of visits before and when we got back from our Arkansas visit, this was before I had the offer and he was like, what is the nicest facility you’ve seen? Arkansas by far, and that’s exactly what I was thinking. Great facilities, just really blessed to be going there.

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