Part 2: Hog Newcomer Exclusive: Stromberg Ready to Make an Impact Up Front


Tulsa, OK-

In Part Two of our Sit-Down Conversation with Ricky Stromberg, the Hog Freshman Explains how he plans to make an impact in the Trenches.

Here is the Q and A in this Hog Newcomer Exclusive:

(Ricky Stromberg)

In a baby picture I had an Arkansas shirt on, but I didn’t know, I didn’t know I wore it as a kid, but it’s kinda cool that it happened.

(Drew Amman)

How would you say Tulsa Union prepared you for the next level, particularly in the SEC?


They actually do a good job because practices are pretty much the same that these colleges do, and the way we lift, same type of thing. I think Union & Jenks are the top schools to get your ready for big division one programs, so they did a really good job.


Chad Morris talks more and more that Arkansas needs to understand that this is a line of scrimmage league, so, that totally plays into what you are all about.


It just gets me more and more excited to down there and show what I can do.  Just bring that down there with me.DrewYou are going to play Center right? (Ricky)

Center or guard. Center for sure. Center, that’s what they talk about but Guard too a little bit.


Do you have a preference?


Doesn’t matter to me. Just whatever gets me on the field faster, helps the team.


Dustin Fry, how would you describe him as an offensive line coach?(Ricky)

He’s a really good guy, I really like him and I’m excited to play for him.


What’s your family response to playing close to home?


They are super excited, it’s less than a two hour drive for them to get up there. My older brother Timmy went to Arkansas for two years, and he loved it. He didn’t play any sports there but he was a trainer for the basketball team back when Bobby Portis played there. He’s in the league now. He knew him and helped those guys out.


When you get away from football, what do you like to do? What’s your main hobby?


I play this game called FIFA, it’s a soccer game. I play video games a lot, like to hang out with friends.

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