FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/FOX24) — After serving nearly three decades in the U.S. Military, Denise Beaumont now calls Fayetteville home.

“I served for just short of 27 years,” she said.

She enlisted in the U.S. Army as a way to pay for college and soon after met the man she went on to marry. “My husband and I first met at ROTC at Arkansas State University back in 1990.”

Both have since retired from the Armed Forces, but not after they traveled the country and the world while in the service.

They spent time in several states, like Arizona, Louisiana, and Georgia and also served overseas. Their first duty station was in South Korea.

“I was a certified registered nurse anesthetist or CRNA,” Beaumont said.

During peacetime, she said she administered anesthesia to soldiers, their families and retirees. In war zones, she was on the frontlines.

“I was on forward surgical teams, and I was forward with the troops and so, my job and my team’s job was just to treat them for any injuries they had had doing stabilizing and resuscitative surgeries. And that was my job was to provide the anesthesia for those,” she said.

Her accolades, now decorate a section of her home. Photos of fellow soldiers, medals and other memorabilia.

She earned a lot more in the military than her priceless objects. “I got a bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate paid for by the military. So, the education benefits are just amazing.”

Pictures of Beaumont’s sons also can be seen among her many honors. They’ve followed in her and her husband’s path.

“My son Tyler did a year in the Air Force ROTC and then we paved the way for my youngest son. His name is Zach and he’s a second Lieutenant at Fort Campbell. He’s a military police officer.”

As she showed off the pictures of her boys in their military wear, it was clear she is a proud, dedicated mother. Much like she was dedicated to her service to the country.

“It’s been a great opportunity for (my husband and I) to serve our community and our country and we’re certainly very blessed to be able to do that,” Beaumont said.

Since retiring, she joined the nationwide organization Sheep Dog Impact Assistance, which was founded in Northwest Arkansas.

“I felt like I was coming home to a unit, and I met some great gals and guys and it’s just been a great transition for me,” she said.