BELLA VISTA, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A veteran grandfather and his grandson handcraft wooden flags in the basement of a home in Bella Vista. 

80-year-old Don Lowe and 15-year-old grandson Jermiah Lowe started “A Beautiful Flag” in 2018 after Jeremiah’s dad asked for a Betsy Ross flag. 

“We made one for his dad, and then we made another one and put it out on Facebook. And it sold within a few minutes,” Don said.

They create all kinds of flags such as medical, federal, traditional, army, custom, etc. 

“It’s fantastic. We work well together,” Don said. 

One of the flags they created recently was one for the Sheep Dog Impact Assistance in Rogers. 

“They got their logo, and then we had it carved perfectly into the Union area of the flag.”

Besides being one of the owners, Don is also a Vietnam War veteran.

“I went in 1966 and got out in 1969, and I went into the Army,” he said. 

He was in charge of computerizing U.S. Army personnel records for all of its divisions. 

“It was a great assignment compared to a lot of my buddies who ended up spending a year out in the bush and Vietnam, so I was lucky,” Don said. 

Don says he even trained Jeremiah on how to use the power equipment.

“He’s really picked it up quickly, and it’s just neat to see him do that because maybe someday this might be something he does in the future, you know, with this equipment,” he said. 

Don says this business is better than just doing nothing.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a full-time job, but we keep pretty busy. It comes in spurts too. It starts somewhere before Veterans Day, and then goes through Christmas, and then drops off a little bit then and then picks up in the spring,” he said.