Voices of Courage: Advanced Sewing Class Helps Teach Entrepreneurship

Voices of Courage

Women in the Marshallese advanced sewing class are one stitch closer to learning a new skill

With each threading of a needle and push on the sewing machine, women in the Marshallese advanced sewing class are one stitch closer to learning a new skill. The sewing workshops are taught in Springdale at the Interform Sewing Studio and last about six weeks. According to Interform‘s website, students “learn basic techniques of pattern making, draping, flat sketch, and the fundamentals of apparel design.”

Basana Chhetri, Director of Textiles and Apparel for Interform is orginally from Nepal and serves as one of the instructors for the class. She brings expertise in the fashion world, traveling the globe from London, Tokyo and New York to name a few. She says what the students learn in the class goes far beyond the classroom.

This is our focus how to make them own their own business, small business, how to support them – said Chhetri

Feiloaiga Debrum and Valentina Lokebol are both taking the class and say they are thankful appreciative for learning a new skill.

In the beginning it was hard, but I had Basana and our teachers they’re so amazing – said Feiloaiga

One of the biggest rewards is being able to show off their work. Tie Matthew, another student in the class says she loves learning how to sew. “We can share what we’ve learned with others”, said Matthew.

What does the future hold for the advanced class? Future fashion designers? Tie says…maybe, “I’m not decided yet, but hopefully I will.”

Don’t know how to sew? No problem! Basana says more classes are on the way, “you’re welcome and we will teach you everything.” And if you need someone to help you, Feiloaiga is a pro!

In this program I can say, I’m a professional…just kidding -said Feiloaiga

If you want to see the advanced class work in person, there is a pop-experience on Saturday, May 29 during the ASSEMBLY Kickoff Event.

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