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WAVE Rural Connect was created by Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative

In the 1930s, a group of passionate people banded together to ensure rural Arkansas and Oklahoma would be provided with electricity by creating AVECC. Those men and women worked hard to ensure that our rural area would enjoy the same quality of life as urban areas.

Today we find ourselves in a similar situation regarding high-speed internet access. Broadband internet has proven to be life-changing in areas where deployed. It allows people to work from home or children and adults to attend online classes. The big communications companies have proven they are not going to bring it here. WE ARE.

In 2018, the same vision that motivated rural electrification and the betterment of our communities inspired the AVECC Board to approve phase one of a system-wide fiber buildout to all AVECC members.

Wave Rural Connect was created by AVECC in its ongoing efforts to provide sustainable development of the communities it serves. The AVECC fiber infrastructure will allow Wave Rural Connect to provide game-changing broadband internet at lightning-fast speed to every member. Let us BROADEN your horizons.

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