(KNWA/KFTA)- We wrap up our Enhanced Fujita Scale series with EF5 tornadoes in this segment of Weather 101. Join Meteorologist Rick Katzfey as he explains the wind speeds necessary to categorize a tornado as EF5 as well as show you some of the devastating damage that these types of tornadoes can create.

These mammoth forces of nature are very rare and very few occur each year in the United States. When they do happen, the damage that they create can literally leave scars in the landscape for years! Some communities take years to recover from these monsters! Joplin, MO is an example of one that struck not too far from here back in 2011. Officially there have been NO EF4 or EF5 tornadoes in Northwest Arkansas. The state of Arkansas, however, has had an F5 tear through the community of Sneed, AR in northwest Jackson County back in 1929.

Hope you have learned a little bit about EF5 tornadoes as well as all the tornadoes on the scale from these segments of Weather 101. As always you can send us your questions and any topics you want us to cover to our email weather@knwa.com.

Stay safe and healthy!