Ever wonder why the jet stream causes lift? In this segment of Weather 101, Meteorologist Rick Katzfey shows you how lift is created using an experiment you can try at home!

Pretty cool huh? Rick creates an area of low pressure as he removes some of the atmosphere above the toilet paper. Air then moves from the relatively higher pressure below the leaf blower into the center of the low just as it does in our atmosphere.

The jet stream often creates areas of low pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere and air at the surface rises up to fill the void left by the strong upper level winds.

Rising air can lead to the formation of clouds and if the ingredients are present it can also form towering thunderstorms!

I hope you learned a little bit about why the jet stream causes lift in this segment of Weather 101. As always if you have a weather question you want answered send them to us at weather@knwa.com.

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