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This week is severe weather awareness week for the state of Arkansas. It is the month of March which is the start of meteorological spring, a period of 3 months, that runs through May.

Spring is notorious for severe weather due to the still very active polar jet-stream, warmer temperatures, and higher moisture content. This week is set-aside to prepare the state before severe weather strikes. We want you to be safe during the storm so here are some safety tips you can employ to help protect you and your family.

Severe Weather Awareness Week Topics

Monday focused on flash flooding which is the number one KILLER of all weather related disasters. Here are some tips on what to do when flash flooding is in the forecast.

Flash Flooding

Flood Safety Awareness Tips

We decided in order to help you understand some of the impacts from the weather related topics this week we have created “by the numbers” graphics to reveal some of the impacts that these weather events have on the communities of NW Arkansas.

Flash Flooding By The Numbers

Above all remember if you see flooded roads ahead of you TURN AROUND DON’T DROWN! Hopefully these tips will help keep you safe when flash flooding is imminent.


Tuesday was focused all on lightning. Lightning is the 3rd deadliest severe weather hazard. Here are just a few lightning safety tips.

Summary of Lightning Facts

Since lightning is such a dangerous weather phenomenon it is a good idea to keep tabs on where the storm is located. Here is how to figure out exactly how far lightning is from your position.

How to Determine the Distance of a Thunderstorm?

If you do happen to find yourself outdoors when lightning is present here are just a few places that you can safely hunker down and ride out the storm. Some places you DO NOT want to be: 1. Under a tree or a tall pole. Lightning is attracted to the tallest object in the area. Trust me you don’t want that to be you! 2. Water. Lightning can travel through water and zap you on the other side of the lake or any body of water that you are immersed in. Stay weather aware and get out of the water BEFORE the storm moves in. 3. Dugout, picnic area, or small buildings. These areas DO NOT provide the necessary shelter required to keep you safe from a lightning strike! Head to your vehicle instead.

We covered where not to be when lightning strikes, so here are some places that you will be safe.

Places That Offer Adequate Protection From Lightning

Some important info on the impacts of lightning for the state of Arkansas. Thankfully there were NO fatalities last year for the state. Hopefully that trend will continue into 2020!

Lightning By the Numbers


Wednesday was all about rotation. We’re talking tornadoes! Something that NW Arkansas is certainly no stranger to! Tornadoes make it all the way into number 2 spot for the deadliest severe weather threat. This should be no surprise looking at all the recent fatalities with the middle Tennessee twisters from Tuesday. Our state has seen its fair share of deadly tornadoes in it’s history.

Oklahoma and Arkansas Tornadoes in 2019

If a tornado warning is issued do you know where to go and do you have a plan? If not, use the following acronym D.U.C.K. to remember where to seek shelter. Preferably you want to be in the lowest level of your house. That would be the basement if you have one. If you do not have a basement, then you will want to seek shelter the in the center of the house in case the outer walls collapse. Stay away from windows so that when they break you do not become a target of flying glass. Remember these tips and to tune into your Weather Authority Team for live coverage.

How to Remember Where to Seek Shelter During a Tornado

May was a very busy month for the state with 19 of the 33 tornadoes experienced occurring during it. This goes to show why we are preparing you now for severe weather. May is not too far away. Our strongest tornado hit Siloam Springs in the early morning hours of October 21st. It left a 31.4 mile damage swath that was 1.5 miles wide!

Tornadoes By The Numbers

That brings you up to speed with the topics so far this week. We will write another blog covering the rest later this weekend. Also make sure to tune in tonight at 9pm on Fox And 10pm on KNWA as we cover the topic of severe thunderstorms!

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