Weather Blog: Become a part of history! How to submit your weather reports to the National Weather Service

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Do you have severe weather damage in your neighborhood? Report it to your local National Weather Service office!

Why? What’s The Point?

Reporting damage to the local NWS office does a couple of important things.

  1. Helps determine what happened and when. Meteorologists have a lot of tools at their disposal with doppler radar, but nothing beats good old-fashion eyewitness reports.
  2. Determine where storm surveys are needed. There are 122 local NWS offices around the country, that’s a lot of real estate per office. Sending your reports in can help narrow down which areas need storm surveys
  3. Faster event reports. When severe weather damage happens, many of us want to know what caused it. Sometimes it’s obvious (lightning strike hits a tree). Other times, not so much (straight-line winds vs. tornado). Sending it your reports, the NWS can prioritize damaged areas and get survey teams out faster so we can all learn what happened
  4. Possible disaster assistance. When a damage report is received, the NWS office will issue a “local storm report” detailing the information provided to them. These go to the local emergency management department and can help determine whether or not state or federal assistance is necessary.
  5. Become a part of your town’s history. Severe weather can sometimes be a historic event for an area (Joplin tornado, 1996 Van Buren tornado, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, etc). By sending in your damage reports, you are contributing to the final Storm Event Summary report and become a part of history.

How Do I Send A Report To The NWS?

There are a couple of ways you can send severe weather reports to the National Weather Service

  1. Social media. Tag your local NWS office in social media posts. You can also tag us in the post and we will forward the report to the appropriate NWS office as well.
  2. Email your NWA Weather Authority team – We send all severe weather reports from viewers like you directly to the National Weather Service and local emergency managers.
  3. Submit a report on the NWS website. If available on the forecast office’s website, you can directly send reports to the National Weather Service by filling out a storm report form. You can go to and type in your hometown to see if your local office activated its storm report form.

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