Ann Ferguson says”I’ve been a Brasheares customer for about 12, 13 years. The quality of the product and the customer service are the second no main reasons I keep going back to Brasheares.”

Pat Rose has had a similar experience. “I sold the residence that I was in and had to go to a new residence and found myself in a situation that I wanted furniture that I liked because it would be the last home that I would probably ever decorate. And so I went to Brasheares.”

Karen Sather has been shopping at Brashears for Four to five years and says that “Brasheares furniture is quality furniture and a variety of upscale furniture, which is not available in all furniture stores.”

Rose says that “I know that if it isn’t right or doesn’t fit in the house like we thought it was, they would take it out and give me something else. And I think when you do something like this, you need someone that’s honest. You don’t need someone to say, oh, that looks good. Just because they want to sell a piece of furniture that doesn’t happen at Brasheares.”

Sather says that “Integrity speaks a lot, and their furniture business, warranty, customer service. They have the whole package.”

Fergusons says “I’m always confident when I go to Brasheares that they will take care of me like family.”