“I would tell my friends to come to Brashears from the standpoint: you can go, you can look, you have freedom to look.” says Pat Rose. “They will greet you at the door and you know where they are if you want to ask questions. Otherwise, you take your time. You can go though the store, you can pick out what you think you like, ask for help when you want it.”

“Being in the profession that I’m in, I get a lot of clients that ask me where should I shop for furniture?” says Ann Ferguson. She also tells friends to go to Brashears because “I know that walking away with the furniture from Brashears they’re going to have a great experience with quality, customer service, and you know, they always stand behind their product. And I bought this couch, it was a sectional, about 12, 13 years ago and there was one little discrepancy on the back cushion. They came and picked up the couch, fixed it, and then brought it back out to my house free of charge.”

Brashears furniture to my customers, I believe, it’s really, quality and customer service.” say Amy Greenworth. “If they are happy, they’re going to tell other people about us and they’re going to come back and return. As far as the quality of furniture we sell, we back our furniture. If there is something wrong with it, we want to make sure that they are happy, that they are going to come back and then tell other people about us. Like I said we do offer heirloom quality, so it is something that is going to be passed down. Something that, it is an investment, but it’s a future investment.”