Brashears started in Berryville Arkansas in the 1930’s ” Susan Brashear is the third generation of Brashears to own Brashears Furniture which has stores in Springdale, Berryville and Branson.

Pete is a designer at the store and he says “We started out as a hardware store in Berryville and really this familty has developed in this area to what you see now which is one of the premier furniture stores.”

Cathy helps customers find the perfect piece and she says ‘Well I think sometimes people are intimidated just by the outside of our building even and how it looks. They think ‘Oh I can’t afford to shop there’ but it’s not true we have a budget for almost everyone here.”

Andrea is also a designer at Brashears and she says they like the shopping experience to be different. “So the sales process here is a little bit different from other furniture stores. We will let people look around to get an idea and a feel for the store. while being just within reach to answer any questions rather than following folks around the store and trying to sell them something just for the sake of selling.”

Cathy says ” Brashears Furniture has been around for over eighty years in the Ozarks and there’s a reason for that. Their customer service is amazing, the Brashears are amazing to work for, they take care of their employees and they take care of their customers.”

The top notch customer service is something that makes Susan very proud. “So I’m really proud of our heritage. Being the third generation owners and our roots and where we came from and what we’ve accomplished over the years and really what we’ve developed into with the help of our staff and our team. We’ve been here 80 years and that’s what makes us successful is the quality of the people that we have working with us. “