ROGERS, AR -“As a mortgage banker we help people get financing for a home.” Tom Dowden is a mortgage banker with Flat Branch Home Loans. He loves helping people find the right loan for buying a new home. “We will help them find the right program. We will help make sure that they qualify or are on a track to qualify for a loan. We’ll set an expectation of what that process is going to be like. And then, we’ll typically be there at closing when they’re signing the final documents. “

Dowden says that at Flat Branch Home Loans they have a different approach to home loans than most other lenders. “Typically what happens is someone will approach a banker or a lender and the lender will say ‘Hey this is where the interest rate is’ that day. And that’s it. It’s kind of a take it or leave it. This is where we are. What I say is ‘I’m certified and trained to watch a market. So we can start this process and typically when you go to purchase a home you have a 30 day contract . So we’ve got a 21 day window to look at interest rates. And I’m saying I’ll watch the market it’s part of what I do and I’ll advise you, hey everything is indicating that now is the right time to lock in your interest rate.'”

“And so typically there’s value there because most of the time when you are comparing banks interest rates are within an eighth of each other. Banks are getting the money from the same place. The cost is right there. And so more important than finding the lowest interest rate is finding a partner that is going to help you capitalize on where the market is.”

For more information contact Flat Branch Home Loans at (479) 335-1288. Flat Branch Home Loans is an Equal Housing Lender.

Tom Dowden NMLS: 674189

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