“Northwest Arkansas needs a children’s shelter because foster homes are closing at alarming rates, and Washington and Benton County rank highest in reported cases of abuse and neglect. As a community we’re also seeing an increase in child trafficking cases, and so the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter ensures that every child in that hour of need, when they need a safe place more than anything, they can come to us and ensure that they’re safe and they can begin to heal. Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter is a home away from home. We make sure children have a safe place to sleep, they receive nutritious meals, they go to school, ensure they have a good education in place. Most importantly, these kids can walk through our doors and learn how to hope again, learn how to be kids again, and we give them a brighter future. We are a nonprofit organization that relies on the support of individuals in our community, so if that’s through volunteering, if that’s through a financial contribution, we have a needs list on our website with items that our children need, there are so many ways that you can get involved, and what I encourage you to do today is to take that first step, and know that when you take that step in joining our family, you’re going to change a child’s life for the better.”