“So our mission at True Self Recovery is to help as many people as we can by providing the most comprehensive, cutting-edge treatment possible.”

“The key issues that we treat is substance use disorder, alcoholism, anxiety, depression, PTSD with a focus on trauma. We understand that change can be scary, coming into treatment can be scary, but nothing changes if nothing changes, and we will be here waiting with open arms to support you in this leap of faith.”

“Some really important benefits of adventure therapy are… our clients- it’s a way for our clients to really connect with each other and it creates this strong sense of community.”

“But we wanted to do something different, and luckily, we have the opportunity of living in the Ozarks, so we’re able to take our clients to the White River for floating trips, to Naturals baseball games, and to Crystal Bridges, that’s just a few examples.”

“And that was really important for me, I know, in early recovery. I’m a recovering addict myself and learning how to have fun in recovery was really scary to take that step into recover, because I thought- I thought I wasn’t going to be able to ever have fun. The fun was over, the party stopped, when in reality, the party has just begun.”

“Discover, recover, thrive. That’s what True Self Recovery is all about.”