“I’d gotten out of the Marine Corps when I was 21 after joining at 17 and got into the trades, and after doing it for fifteen to twenty years I wanted to do things differently.”, says Josh Moll, CEO of Executive Flooring Solutions. “I wanted to make a difference, not just for myself or to be able to give back to the community, but to make a difference for the fellow installers and the fellow tradesmen. Most people had been told that, you know you couldn’t earn a good living and I wanted people to see that you could be very very successful doing what we do.” Josh’s brother, Jonathan Moll, credits the impact their military service has had on Executive Flooring Solutions, “As a veteran, my brother Josh and I both were in the Marine Corps, and you know those honor, courage, commitment values that they instilled I think still stick with us and help us drive, you know our personal lives and our professional lives. You know no matter what happens no matter what problem comes up, we’re always able to you know adapt and solve that problem. We have a “you dream, we build” kind of philosophy that if you can imagine it, we can pull it off somehow someway. Whether its flooring or woodworking or concrete or cutting boards or you want a house built or a new custom shower. No matter what it is that a customer wants, we’re able to deliver. Describe Executive Flooring Solutions in three words. Consummate problem solvers. We believe in what we do you know, we breathe this day in and day out. You know we’re loyal to our people. You know we try to help out, we go above and beyond, not just for our customers but for our employees and anyone we deal with, for our community.”