“Hello, my name is Staff Sgt Thomas Goddard, I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ve been in the Air Force for about 10 years now. I’m married, I have two kids, I have two dogs, I live just outside Fort Smith, Arkansas. The biggest thing the Air Force has done is, its really expanded my world view. I’ve just had the opportunity to travel and see all these different things. You know, different countries like Japan and England and all of that, just going there and getting to meet and know people from all these different countries is just, you know, had a big impact on how I see things and understand things. Uh, I’d say the main thing that attracted me to the Air Force was just that travel, just getting to get out of my hometown and just experience different things. And then college education and training, you know the fact that I could go, and I didn’t already have to be an expert in something. Um I wanted to do a job that I liked doing, but I didn’t always know how to get the training to it, so, uh you know, I came in and I told my recruiter that I wanted to work on planes, and she said cool we’ll take care of it all, we’ll train you, teach you how to do it, and, and they did. The easiest way to reach out to me is, uh, I have a cell phone that’s on me all the time, um I also check my emails every day. My office is just outside the central mall in Fort Smith.”