Here at Cates Chiropractic, we provide the Northwest Arkansas community with the very best chiropractic care, utilizing a gentle and specific adjusting technique that is safe and effective for people of all ages. On new patients’ first visit, what we like to do is we like to take a case history. We get, you know, everything from past traumas to present illnesses to medications, allergies, all of those and we take that information and we come up with, okay, what’s going on with your condition, um, and from there we go back and we get, we get some X-Rays. We kinda see what’s structurally going on, um, and then based off of those X-Rays is how I like to adjust. So outside of the chiropractic adjustments, we offer three different therapies. One being a needless acupuncture, which decreases systemic inflammation, and speeds up the healing process. The second one is intersegmental traction, which we administer after the adjustment, so that it holds the adjustment and gives you longer term relief of your pain. The third one is theragun, we use it on a lot of our athletes with tight muscles, knots in their back, um soreness, anything like that, we use a theragun on to uh, help relieve them of some of that muscle pain. We have various social media platforms, um Facebook, Instagram. You can go to our website, and our phone number is (479)-225-9711.