JT Finley was born and raised here in Fayetteville. “I graduated from Fayetteville High School in 2012 and then went to college at Arkansas State and stayed in Jonesboro for a little bit and just moved back here, with Shelter, in, uh, June of this year.” JT says, “I went to college to be, actually, a football coach and realized that wasn’t something I really wanted to do. Um, had a few job opportunities when I graduated college and one of them was insurance and I kind of asked around and found out that its, you know, really helping people and you actually get to talk to people all day and that’s kind of right up my ally, so I chose insurance and it stuck, and I never turned back.” JT has been with Shelter for about five years. “Um, I started with my own agency in June of 2021 this year. The biggest thing that stands out to me with Shelter, um just from knowing some other companies and having customers who may have claims with other companies, is, uh, we’re family based and we’re right here, local, so. If a claim happens and you need to call somebody, you call me first and then I can call your adjusters. And all of your adjusters are right here in Springdale. Some of them might be in Columbia if it’s a bigger claim, um, but we have direct lines to them, direct emails, and you can call their cell phones, you can call my cell phone, and it’s just one big family. We’re all here to help you and we’re all local. The best way to get in contact with me is to call me, uh, 479-521-4420. And that’s a mobile number so you can text it as well. It goes with me everywhere. You can always stop by the office; I’ve got an open door. I’m at 2142 N College in Fayetteville. And, uh, if you need to email me, my email is jfinley@shelterinsurance.com”