Mike Deatherage was born and raised in Jonesboro Arkansas and moved up here with his wife and three kids to take over Shelter Insurance agency in downtown Springdale. “Basically i had a buddy that was in insurance he uh he knew I was traveling a lot with the job I had and said I’d be great fit for insurance, that would allow me to stay at home, and so I got my license and got into insurance 13 years ago.” Mike says, “Shelter Insurance’s primary focus is a home, auto, and life insurance. Well, home insurance you know to protect your home in the event of a storm or fire water damage and then also the auto insurance, of course we cover personal cars as well as business and commercial use vehicles. Then also we do life insurance, big policies, small policies, burials you name it we’ve got a policy for just about every need. Well shelter is a little different than most because we’re not a national brand. We’re more of a regional brand. We’re not in every state and we’re kind of a small knit group of agents and we kind of are like a family of just a big family but we’re not a big corporation. We’re mutually owned which means the policyholders own the company. So Shelter does have a 24-hour line where you can call 1-800-shelter and get a hold of a live person, whether it’s at 8 o’clock at night, 2 o’clock in the morning somebody be there to answer. My office is located on the corner of Holcomb and Emma in downtown Springdale 107 West Emma Avenue.”