Tony Putnam is an agent with Shelter Insurance in Rogers. “I grew up in Oceanside, California. I’ve lived in Rogers since 2004.” Tony got into the insurance business on the recommendation of a respected business advisor. “Um, my background in education he thought would be a great fit for helping folks understand their insurance. I’ve been an insurance agent now for 16 years and six of those are with Shelter. What makes Shelter different than a lot of the other insurance companies is that our agents are very invested in our business. We’re in our office everyday and we are accessible. Uh, I personally give out my cell phone number to all of my clients. The other thing that makes us different than most of the other carriers is that we actually have local adjusters. We have a large claims office right here in Springdale, Arkansas so that we can give you the most fast and efficient service. Shelter Insurance has been around for 75 years. We’ve been consistently ranked number one by JD Power for Customer Service, pricing, and claims service. And what that goes together to mean is, you’re going to be taken care of when you need it. So, the best way to get in touch with me is to either call my office line which is 479-621-5800. You can also text that number. Um, we’d love for you to come by our office at 105 North 34th Street. We’re open everyday from 8 to 5pm.”