FAYETTEVILLE, AR – “The healthcare in the Air Force is something that I personally have experienced. ” TGDT Kyleigh La Point is a recruiter at with the U.S. Air Force office in Fayetteville. “My daughter got really sick last year and was in intensive care for over a month. But she had the best doctors, everything was taken care of, and my squadron had supported me.”

“One other thing that I love about the Air Force is the family. There is a family bond, everyone’s there to help each other. We have wingmen and that’s what it is, when your wingmen’s down you’re there to support them and you’re going to be there for them when they’re down.”

“So the Air Force provides 100 percent healthcare where if you get sick if your family gets sick, it’s taken care of. I got a bill from the hospital that was over $300,000 if I was not in the Air Force and they did not provide the health care that they do, Tricare. I would not be able to afford that I didn’t have to pay a dime the air force helped supported it paid for it all and my daughter is taken care of as well as I’m taking care of through that healthcare.”

For more information on the USAF call TGST Kyleigh La Point at 479-857-1878.