Pediatrics Plus is an outpatient therapy provider providing services to children 6 weeks to 21 years of age. We do offer a multidisciplinary approach where we focus on the whole child through the services we provide. Pediatrics Plus offers four main therapies- ABA, or applied behavior analysis, which primarily treats children on the autism spectrum. We also offer speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Speech therapy looks at language development, as well as feeding and swallowing, or a motor ability, and then just the overall ability for the child to communicate and progress through that continuum. And then physical therapy looks at gross motor abilities, and then occupational therapy looks at the fine motor skills of a child, and the overall independent living function. So, Pediatrics Plus has been providing services for over 20 years. We’ve been blessed to serve families throughout the state of Arkansas, and when we think about expanding to a new area, we obviously look to see what area has that need, and so Rogers was one of those, and we’ve just been so excited to be a part of this community, and get to impact the families positively with what we do. Our vision is to empower children to conquer their world, and we’re excited to get to see that take shape. So you can find out more about Pediatrics Plus through our website,, or you could just give us a call at (479)-346-5459.