“The Suboxone Recovery Center is an outpatient, medicine assisted treatment program for opioid use disorder”, say Dr. Tomlinson. “So, it allows you to come in on a weekly or monthly basis and receive the types of medication that you need. Suboxone, in essence is a miracle drug. It reduces or eliminates, uh, cravings and withdrawal symptoms and let’s the patient begin the recovery process. The essence of recovery is acknowledging and following a power greater than yourself. So, it’s to do it, not your way anymore. It’s to do it according to your higher power’s way. Opioid addiction is not what people think it is. I mean, people come into see us from all walks of life. I mean professionals, blue collar, white collar, schoolteachers, business folks, church goers- it really doesn’t matter. Opioid addiction is not about a bad person trying to get good. It’s about a sick person trying to get well. So, the initial visit takes 15-20 minutes. We provide you with all the resources that you need to start your program, including a prescription for medication. So, they- you can get your medication that same day through your local pharmacy. So, we’re located in Fayetteville, 102 East Sunbridge Dr. Suite 3 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Our phone number is 800-707-2812, and you can call anytime. Don’t be afraid, you can do this. And we will help you. So, call us today.”