“So, about four years ago in 2017 I was looking for a place to rent.”, says Terrie Barton, Owner of Waters Edge. “I was a solo practitioner at that time. And so I found one third of the building that we’re currently in, in Rogers. And I rented that space. It had seven offices- I only needed two of those and I didn’t have a receptionist or a billing person. I was doing all of that myself and then a local counseling group was disbanding and three of those clinicians came over and said, hey can we come under you and work with you. And at that point Waters Edge was birthed so to speak. So, we serve all ages. Um, our youngest clients generally are two to three years old and then we serve all the way up to older adults. Uh, we do play therapy primarily with children. We service, serve, adolescents. We do couple’s therapy. We do family therapy. Uh, we do a lot of trauma work. We do substance abuse. We do domestic violence groups and substance abuse groups. The whole realm of what people would come to counseling for, we have someone within our organization that would work with that. So, if anyone wants to come in or receive services they can reach out to us. They can give us a call or also go to our website.”