“2nd Milk is a nonprofit based here in Northwest Arkansas that provides formula and nutrition for babies that are living in sub-Saharan Africa. Why Malawi, Africa? I think there’s a lot of vulnerable people here, that live around us, but God has asked us to serve, you know, 9,000 miles away in Malawi. My wife and I, we and our six children, moved to Malawi in 2013, and because of that experience, we felt called to start 2nd Milk, and provide for the most vulnerable around the world. Obviously with these babies losing their mothers and becoming orphans, they don’t have access to breast milk. So, 2nd Milk come along side those families, and they provide the formula that they need. After two years of being on our formula program, we’re able to continue feeding these children the nutrition that they need as they prepare to go to school when they’re around 6 years old, and then we send them to private schools in Malawi, so they get the best education that’s possible. We feel like, that, people all around Northwest Arkansas can have an impact around the world, and specifically Malawi, Africa through 2nd Milk. One way is to go online and sponsor one of our babies that needs access to formula nutrition. Other ways would be sharing on social media about our organization, and maybe taking a trip to Malawi at some point. What is the best way to reach out to 2nd Milk? Go to our website at 2ndmilk.org, and also we’re on Facebook and Instagram.”