“Our family name is Alto Velo McCarty I’m the fourth.” AV McCarty is the owner of Al McCarty Jewelers in Rogers, a business that boasts 105 years of serving Arkansans. “My great grandfather in 1915 started in Helena Arkansas on Cherry Street…as a watch repair. He did all the railroad watches and pocket watches for everybody. That’s what he did. Then my great grandfather transitioned into the traditional jewelry store where you bought your gifts and your rings and jewelry and everything like that. Then my father, in about 1970’s, he switched to a jewelry repair store. And that’s kind of what we do today.” AV McCarty works out of a location on Walnut Street in Rogers. That’s our bread and butter is jewelry repair, services and that stuff. “

“It means a lot to me. I’ve always thought that it was cool and kind of special to be the fourth generation of a family business jeweler and watch man and all that stuff. So it means a lot to me. I’m really proud and happy that I can still carry on the legacy of everybody from the past.”

Alto Velo “AV” McCarty IV

McCarty says the idea to move the store to Rogers was based on a love of the area.” They would come up here on vacation and the Brinks Jewelry store in downtown Rogers was for up sale so they decided to buy it and move up here. That was 1979, and then they opened in 1980, and then we have been in our current location since 1988. We’ve been in Rogers over 40 years…105 years in family business.”