“Hey Northwest Arkansas, I’m MSGT Landers, your local active-duty Air Force recruiter. Have you thought about what you would like to accomplish in the future? Would you like to get skills and training in a trade? What about getting a college degree? What if you could without incurring the financial burden of student loans or debt? What about wanting to have a greater impact, being of service to your country and your community? The Air Force can help you achieve all those goals and more. I want to share a snapshot of how the Air Force has personally supported myself and my family. I’ve been in the Air Force for just about 13 years. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve been able to serve while earning 3 associates degrees, and a bachelor’s degree that has been 100% paid for by the Air Force. Now, I’m able to continue my education and earn my master’s degree while remaining debt free. I’ve made many life-long friends that are from all different parts of the world. I’ve received some of the best training and transferable skills in various career fields. Thanks to the Air Force, I was able to travel and see the world. In the Air Force, we develop leaders. We give you the skills, training, and education necessary to be successful in and out of uniform.  I’d be happy to show you how the Air Force can help you reach your personal and professional goals, while serving in the United States Air Force. You can reach me on Instagram @MSgt Landers, or Facebook, Air Force Recruiting Fayetteville AR, or by my cell phone, 479-301-5459.”