Workout Wednesday — Outer Space, Climbing Stairs

Workout Wednesday

It maybe a classic line from the Star Trek series, but surprisingly, this creative catch phrase can also apply to your journey to and in the gym.

You can go to outer space by running stairs. Well not actually to outer space but you could go the equivalent to outer space by running stairs. Over time, if you clock how many times you go upstairs, just record the times you go up and down stairs. A little fact, lets say you go upstairs 231,136 times. 231,136 times up a flight of stairs is equivalent to 62 miles up to outer space, so it changes the perspective. Another example, box jumps. If you do box jumps at 36 inches 109,120 times, guess what? You have gone the equivalent to going to outer space. It changes the whole perspective. It is not sometimes just about going to the gym and saying I am going to do 4 sets of this or a couple sets of that, but making it fun.

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