In this week’s Workout Wednesday report, we introduce you to a new method of doing push-ups.
You can do them in a gym, or at home, or even while you are shopping. One thing about push ups is a lot of people think okay I need to do 50 or 100 push ups or how many push ups is too much? Or too few push ups. I like to approach it a lot differently. I like to always see every person is capable of different things but how do we really know what we are capable of? One suggestion I have is try a deck of cards. The thing with the deck of cards is you basically flip over a card so for instance this would be a seven. I am going to go ahead and do seven push ups. So basically what I have done is I have taken away one card. Now lets say you are new at this or maybe even struggling with push ups so my suggestion would be instead of going for a full deck of cards why not try five cards or even three cards. Basically if you can get through one card anything after that will be a bonus. Basically by doing cards, It keeps it fun and very simple. If there is one thing I can encourage you on with fitness is keeping it simple and fun. A lot of times we over complicate things and make them more challenging and difficult than we have to be. The overall goal is to get through as many cards as you can each time. Another thing to do with those cards is sometimes I will take them with me on a walk. I like to go outside. The interesting thing about going for a walk outside even is studies have shown that if you change your environment you actually increase capacity of what you are able to do. Simply doing push ups in different areas or any exercise for that matter will actually increase what you are able to do.
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