“Hi, I’m Tanya Squires and I’m a lactation consultant at Washington, Regional Women’s And Infant Center today, I’d like to give you three really helpful tips for breastfeeding. My first tip for you is to prepare so this can start early in your pregnancy and just start learning about your body and take some classes, read some books and then reach out to other friends and family members that have already breastfed and asked them what worked for them and other things that they wish they knew. That could be really helpful. “

“And my second tip for you is to focus on the love. Breastfeeding is relationship. And this relationship starts in the womb as you connect with your baby and it continues after they’re born. When they’re placed applied on your chest skin, to skin, and they’re going to spend so much time close to you. And so you’re going to learn what they look like when they’re hungry. What they look like when they’re full, what makes them happy. What makes you happy? And if you just follow the love, everything else will follow. When I talk to mother is about what they remembered about breastfeeding, they remember the love.”

“My third tip for you is to ask for help. We cannot do this alone and that was not Nature’s plan. So you know, gather support people around, you mother, your partner, your sister, your friends and let them cook for you. Let them clean for you, but the whole baby so you can rest , you can shower and then get the help of an expert. So we recommend that mothers in first two weeks talk to a lactation consultant. You can reach out during your pregnancy or once baby gets here. But that is a good idea for all moms to give that peace of mind that they need. “